NWTA Board Bios – Ruandy Albisurez

Ruandy (Roo) joined the NWTA board in 2022 and is our Community Director.

You can reach Roo at [email protected].


I became a member last year (2021) after moving back to the area from southern California.

What made you decide to join the NWTA board?

I wanted to join the NWTA board to help NWTA organize and execute our events this year and the next. I’ve had experience organizing events in the past and want to bring that experience to the local bike community. I also want to help push the NWTA events to be inclusive and inviting for the entire bike community and bring instruction to anyone who needs a helping hand getting out on the trails.

What part of NWTA’s mission resonates with you? What are your plans to help move this forward?

The sections of the NWTA mission statement that speak to me the most is the entire thing. I want to advocate for trails as well as protect them and help us build trails that are sustainable. This, along with the instruction and community events, will help us create more opportunities for mountain bike recreation and mountain bike community growth.

When did you first start mountain biking and what was your first bike?

I first started mountain biking about some 16 years ago. My car broke down, and it was a transmission issue. I could fix it myself but didn’t have the time to remove my transmission and replace the broken part. Instead, I bought a bike from a shop and decided I would bike to work to buy myself time. I had never set foot in a real bike shop until then. I bought a Trek 820 for $250, and I couldn’t believe that I spent that much money on a bicycle. An old Air Force friend came over for dinner and saw my bike. He took me out on my first mountain bike ride, and I was hooked. I think I had moved up to a full suspension less than a year later. My two sons ended up getting into it, and the rest was history. I still ride with my kids today whenever I get the chance.

Favorite place to ride?

So far, my favorite place to ride has been in Squamish B.C. I can’t imagine how awesome it must be to live in a neighborhood where all these amazing and challenging trails are just a few-mile fire road climb from my doorstep. I’m so jealous of all the riders that live there.

What do you do during the day (that pays your bills)?

Media work pays the bills. I am a photographer and videographer. I also have my side project going on called Warpaint. For now, it’s a digital magazine where I am highlighting BIPOC athletes that do outdoor sports like mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding. Also highlighting community organizers that provide access to the outdoors and outdoor education to help diversify the outdoor space.

What song or type of music do you listen to to get pumped up (for a ride or for a dig day)?

I have to be a little careful listening to music when I ride. (haha) It gets me a little too loose and pumped up and gets me in over my head. Caterpillar by Royce Da 5’9″ has been the most played on my riding playlist as of late. I love that song.

Tell us something (not mountain bike related) about yourself?

Non-bike-related … I’m a veteran, and I love anime. I hardly watch anything that’s not animated anymore. If anyone wants to have some conversation about the emotional rollercoaster that is Attack on Titan or Re:Zero, please reach out so we can talk about it over a post-ride brew.