NWTA Equipment Theft – UPDATE

Sunday 10/30/16 – UPDATE
Multnomah County Sheriffs have recovered our stolen equipment.
It was great police work, combined with NWTA social media network looking for it that led to the recovery.
This is great news because our crew will be able to use the equipment at Gateway Green as scheduled.
     Recovered DitchWitch
Good guys 1 / Bad guys 0
As a Bonus – Andy Jansky gave an interview about how important this machine is to building our first single track trail in portland at Gateway Green.   This was interview was aired on Channel 12 and 2 news.
Thanks everyone for your help!!!
 – Original Post –
NWTA’s Ditch Witch and trailer were stolen early Saturday morning 10.29.16.
Be on the lookout for this equipment and help spread the word.
We just used it at Ventura Park and it was headed to the Gateway Green project.
This is a major loss for our group and a set back for our trail building efforts at Gateway Green.
Please us help recover it.
If you have information, please contact the Police and reference Police report #16- 348972.
Suggestions for helping search for our missing property:
Scan sale adds, search for equipment / trailers for sale and check Craigs List.  Some keywords like “Ditch Witch” , “SK755 with compactor” for example would be unique  (the compactor is not a common attachment for these machines).
Ditch Witch. Model SK755
Serial number: CMWSK755PD0000063
Manufacture Date: 2012
Total Length: 105” with standard bucket
Width: 42”
Height: 57”
Track Length: 43”
Machine Weight: 2,890 lb (no attachments, fluids full) Tipping Capacity: 2,285lb (with standard bucket) Operating Capacity: 800lb (35% of tipping) Engine: Kubota D1105­T, diesel. 3 cylinders. 32.8HP
      Ditch Witch-SK755
Distinguishing features:
The trailer is custom with that top shelf added and a custom carry deck.  Custom trailer from Dan Enterprises.
       Ditch Witch - SK755
Our Ditch Witch had several additional attachments with the trailer.  Attachments included 8-way backfill/grading blade, plate compactor, and standard bucket.  Also an auger with 12″ and 24″ bits.
Our Ditch Witch had a bent handrail (the main one you hold on to).  Its is bent in the middle.  All sides should be square relative to each other. See Photo.
      Ditch Witch-Handle
Video of the Ditch Witch in action with the compactor (not a common attachment for these machines)