NWTA Kids Class Recap

Written by Elaine Bothe, NWTA Instructor

Warm weather didn’t keep these kids at home!

The August temperatures rose as we set up for the “Green Geckos” Kid’s Class at Rocky Point but that didn’t keep these awesome kids indoors! A high of 100 was predicted in Portland, but a pleasant breeze, shady trails, plenty of sunscreen, and an armful of spray bottles full of cool water helped us stay comfortable for the duration.

We asked Renee Gamboa, one of the riders, to give us a few words about her favorite parts of the class, and this is what she reported:

What I really liked about the class is that we did slow races and fast races. They taught us about stopping at things and sometimes walking around. We also learned to stay together as a group and slow is always good. I enjoyed the trails and water squirts and I really, really enjoyed going downhill! I learned how to go slower and safer. I also learned to give space to people, this is called ghostriders. The class was amazing and I hope we can go there again!”

BIG thanks go out to Trek Bicycles, Lolo Racks, Weyerhauser, the trailbuilders whose handiwork we certainly enjoyed, Coach Elaine Bothe and volunteers Andie Cunningham and Laurie Wulf. We could not do these classes without you!

There is still space for our next 2 weeks of kids camps. Click the links below to sign up:

Photos by Andie Cunningham. Illustration by Renee Gamboa


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