#NWTARidesfromhome – A message about accessing the outdoors.

To our wonderful members, supporters & followers,

Throughout the year, people ask “what can I do for NWTA?”, well, below are a few things you can do that will have a huge impact on the future of NWTA and our local mountain bike community as a whole. We want to get back outside and back out on the trails like we did before this crisis. But for now we have to all do our part and be mindful and safe.

Here is what you can do:

  • 1) As much as possible ride your bike to where you want to ride instead of driving your car.
    To sweeten the ride from home vibes we are running a contest on Instagram. Members who upload a story or post tagged with #NWTAridesfromhome will have a chance to have their entry drawn at random each week. The winner (21+ only) will get a 6 pack of HOPWORKS beer & a couple NWTA koozies.
  • 2) Do not ride in unsanctioned or closed trail systems – NOT COOL.
  • 3) Do not shuttle or carpool unless you live with the person you’re riding with – Seriously. Get enduro and pedal up – not like we have jobs to go to anymore…
  • 4) In parking areas, keep your distance from everyone. That means a minimum of 6 feet. This means no socializing before and after your rides, nobody wants to talk about tires anyway.
  • 5) Now is not the time to be hucking big jumps, or trying to get your personal record on a trail. Also, on the trails, instead of passing someone, ride slower and only pass at a major intersection where you can keep a safe distance. The hospitals are overrun with COVID-19 patients. Staying out of the health care system should be a top priority for you. Ride hard on the uphills and take it easy on the downhills.

Please follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by our Governor and local health authorities. Use of facemasks is recommended by the CDC. Be safe, take care of each other, and do all you can to keep yourself and your riding community safe.


Your NWTA Leadership Team