Oregon Trail News: Salmonberry Trail Project

New Year, New Organization Leads the Salmonberry Trail Project

The Salmonberry Trail Foundation is a new non-profit with a mission to transform a former rail line into a one-of-a-kind Pacific Northwest outdoor experience. The proposed 84 uninterrupted miles of multi-use, non-motorized trail will connect the Portland-Metro area to the Oregon Coast, gently descending through Salmonberry Canyon and embedded within the Tillamook State Forest.

The Salmonberry Trail aims to reestablish and expand this unique natural resource for all of Oregon. The trail will be a world class tourist destination while simultaneously boosting local economies, strengthening community relationships, improving regional quality-of-life and connecting all Oregonians to rich history, culture and environment of the state. Project goals for 2019 include increasing organizational capacity, raising public awareness and building momentum for the project.

Severe winter storms in 2007 damaged the Pacific Railway and Navigation line that serviced this area for nearly a century. When the cost of rail repairs was prohibitive, the idea to convert the line into a public-use trail was born.

For more than 10 years, the project has been championed by the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) and the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust (TFHT). 2018 was a year of significant progress. STIA signed a lease with the Port of Tillamook Bay, ushering in a new phase of trail development. Technical plans were completed for key phases of the project. Cycle Oregon co-sponsored a two-day gravel riding event that brought 100 people out to the trail. Last but not least, TFHT hired Alana Kambury to launch the Salmonberry Trail Foundation.

The Salmonberry Trail Foundation is curating qualified individuals to join its Board of Directors and to develop partnerships with aligned organizations. To stay up to date, sign up to receive newsletters. Follow us online @thesalmonberrytrail. For inquiries please email [email protected]. All tax-deductible donations are appreciated!

You can learn more about The Salmonberry Trail Project at the February NWTA Member Meeting on Tuesday the 26th https://nw-trail.org/events/nwta-february-member-meeting/