Ride Leader Training

Written by Nell Stamper

Just in time for the beginning of the summer riding season, the North Coast Trail Alliance was fortunate to host instructor & coach Elaine Bothe for a Ride Leader Introduction Workshop.

Elaine came out to the Klootchy Creek trails and volunteered her time to teach local riders some key basics about taking groups out for rides. The afternoon included learning how to do pre-ride assessments, selecting routes for groups, making emergency plans, how to deal with unexpected events, managing group dynamics, and some basic skills coaching to help riders stay safe and have fun on group rides. The participants took turns practicing as ride leaders and also learned the role & responsibilities of a sweep rider. 

Elaine finished up the afternoon with a mini-skills clinic focused on how to give newer riders tips on bike-body positioning, braking, and starting and stopping on climbs. Everyone had a great time, with lots of laughs (especially when Elaine role-played some of the problems a ride leader might need to handle!) All the participants agreed that the session was really useful in building confidence to safely set up and conduct a group ride. 

Huge thanks to Elaine Bothe for volunteering her time and expertise to help NCTA get more people out on bikes having fun! If you are interested in ride leader training or other coaching with Elaine, you can find her at elainebbikes.com, and at @elainebbikes on Instagram. And look for group rides at Klootchy Creek, coming soon…See you on the trails!