NEW TRAILS ARE OPEN. Over six miles of new trails built this winter are now open. Take it easy the first few laps; you have all summer to learn the trails. Come out and explore the new trails.

CARPOOL. Parking is tight; if you are vaccinated, start carpooling to Rocky Point. This is especially true on weeknights – lots of people are trying to get out for an after-work lap, so head out there with friends to reduce the parking demand.

MORE NEW TRAILS. Your membership dollars are keeping two builders working over the summer, building three new trails. These will take quite a while to fully finish, so stay off the trails and stay out of the builder’s way – you’ll be amped when these do open!

SAY HI. Bikes are fun; Rocky Point is fun; keep the vibe positive and say hi to folks you see out on the trail, give a wave, make sure your fellow trail users are ok. We’re a family out there, so make sure you’re treating everyone with kindness.

Read here to learn more about Rocky Point. To get involved and help the Local Stewardship Team that maintains the trails; please head to our trail team page here. *** The NWTA Rocky Point Recreation Area is a leased property. NWTA members in good standing, have signed the online Rocky Point Waiver, have access to the area. To Become an NWTA member, head here: JOIN US!***