Rocky Point Parking

It took a while, but we have parking at our trailhead. This was a top priority, for convenience, but also for the safety of NWTA members. Please park efficiently, and leave room for cars to get by and turn around. We will know soon enough how many cars will squeeze in, but if it’s full, don’t block passage at the gate and don’t park along the road (see below). The toilet will be serviced twice per month, but don’t expect it to be well stocked at all times. Come prepared. The Rocky Point Trail system is open to NWTA members who have signed a waiver. The same goes for parking.

Be careful of oncoming traffic along Rocky Point road when entering Trailhead Parking.

Enjoy the new trails !

Bob Lessard

PARKING HERE: You can park immediately to the right of the Central Southside entrance. We are asking people to angle park where possible facing downhill on the South side of this spur road, opposite the toilet. Angle parking maximizes the number of cars we can accommodate. Drive to the end of the spur road, turn around, and return downhill to parallel park.

NO PARKING ALONG ROAD: 1. In front of any gate anywhere on the property. 2. Along the road down to the new gate.

*Rocky Point is property that is leased by NWTA. In order to attend any event (or to access this land) you will need to be a NWTA member, in good standing, as well as sign the online Rocky Point waiver

More details about this property can be found HERE.