Rocky Point Road Closure

January 31, 2024 – As many NWTA community members have heard, Rocky Point Road was closed to all modes of transportation from Highway 30 due to part of the road shifting significantly in the last storm cycle. If you drive the road a bunch, you know the spot.

Access to the Rocky Point Trails parking area has been restored ONLY via Skyline Blvd. Please do not access the property from the lower portion of Rocky Point Road from Highway 30 that remains closed. Thank you to the Multnomah County road crews that are clearing the roads after the last storm cycle, and for updating us on access and closures.

If you’re wondering, “how did this happen?” please take a look at this website:

Yep, all of Rocky Point is sitting on one GIANT and very very active landslide. As much as you might see and hear some chatter about human-related causes to the slide, this area and much of the west hills has been in a constant state of motion for quite a long, long time. NWTA President Jered Bogli noted, “I’ve been lucky enough to have a few geologists on my [dig] crews over the past few years and have heard their stories about how insanely active this area is. The earth is really the one making the call here on how the land moves.”

We encourage you to be good neighbors and respect the space that road crews, geologists, and residents need as they navigate the repairs. And of course, an active slide area poses safety threats to yourself if you choose to cross the closed barriers and investigate – whether by car, on foot, or on your bike. Please stay safe.