Rocky Point Saturday Session Recap 2/19

Written by Charlie Kohlmier, Rocky Point Crew Leader

Ten awesome volunteers showed up this morning, ready to do some serious finish work on a new trail build at Rocky Point. The weather held out and the expected rain never came, there was even sun at times. 

Our crew worked their way up from the bottom of the newly named Twisted Sisters trail. The volunteers were finish work masters, adding their personal touch to the trail along the way. After a full morning of hard digging, cutting drains, and light trailscaping, the crew dove into some much-earned trail-side chili.  Our volunteers are our heart and soul, they work hard on all our trails, and from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Saturday Sessions continue through the end of March. The signup link is posted every Monday morning – come out and help keep the trails at Rocky Point running smooth! Click the button below to sign up for RP Saturday Session on 02/26.