Rocky Point Saturday Session Recap

Written by Chloé Hammond-Bradley

On Saturday, March 18, a couple of crews went out to Rocky Point. One of the crews, which had nine members worked on some drainage release and treadway buffing for an old trail called Strasser! 

This is a trail that will hopefully be opening up in May 2023. It has an incredible line of features that link together, giving you that flow you are looking for as you rip downhill. 

Among the returning members who joined this dig day, we had two new members come out and dig for the first time. Nicole and Sophia both left the dig feeling engaged and energized to come back out for more work out on the trails. They said that they learned a lot and felt like their presence added value throughout the day – and had a lot of fun, the donuts and brownies were just a plus! 

This trail has a few jump features that need additional work and could use the stoke of some riders who have a passion for building jumps. If you are interested in helping out, email Scooter at [email protected].

There are two more scheduled Saturday dig days out at Rocky Point. Come out and give the trails some love before peak ride season hits! Click the button below to register.