Rocky Point Trails – Parking Update

Written by Scooter Sutterer

In these COVID times, we have seen a big increase in the number of people riding and parking at Rocky Point. It is one of the few places still open to riding. We want to keep it that way. One of the keys to keeping Rocky Point open is keeping Weyerhaeuser, who owns the land,  happy and for us to follow the terms of the lease. We are leasing a working forest. They need to have access to this land to maintain it.

We cannot block or restrict access to any of the gates and roads.

They recently let us know they will be doing some road work and need to get large trucks in and out of the new gate close to the parking lot. Signs have been put up to not go down the logging road by the parking lot. This means we can no longer park at the road down by the gate. This area will possibly open and close again so always obey signs even if they are different than the last time you were there. Things will change often since this is a working forest.

We also really need to stress when a sign says do not block a gate that means do not park anywhere near the gate. Large trucks with big trailers need to get in and out of the gates and turn either direction up or down the roads. If your car is parked in a way that could possibly make it hard for truck drivers to get access to a road or gate they will not hesitate to have your car towed. Be aware Weyerhaeuser has security that patrols the area regularly.

If we park responsibly and obey the signs we should have plenty of room and be able to keep our partner Weyerhaeuser happy.

*Rocky Point is property that is leased by NWTA. In order to access this land you will need to be a NWTA member, in good standing, as well as sign the online Rocky Point waiver

More details about this property can be found HERE.