RP Saturday Session recap

Written by Jered Bogli, Board Member ([email protected])

Saturday Sessions at Rocky Point kicked off this past Saturday (11/6) with a ton of much-needed maintenance work. A full group of volunteers led by Bob Carey and Charles Kim made their way up Tres Amigos to Pipeline and over to Switchblade. On the way up Tres Amigos, the crew raked off organics and fixed drains, and did tread repair. They then made their way down Switchblade to clean it up for the winter. The crew raked off organics that were building up on the tread as well, repaired drains, fixed brake bumps, and repaired tread as they made their way down the trail. Additionally, other crew leaders were out continuing repairs to Bob’s yer Uncle, Simba, and starting work on a few other winter dig season projects. It was a very busy first weekend in the woods at Rocky Point.

Quick estimates put the weekend work at around 150 hours of labor on all the different projects at Rocky Point this weekend. While that number is large, to repair all the trails and get new trails built and finished we will need that kind of energy every weekend through the end of March – come on out and help keep our trails running great!

Saturday session sign-ups go live every Monday morning at 9:00 am, sign up quick.


See you Saturday, shovel in hand ready to dig.

Photo by: Bob Carey @uphill_climb1

Rest of the photos by: Lisa Guerrero @pluckineyebrownhairs