Sandy Ridge Dig Day Recap 3/13

On Saturday, March 13th, two groups of 10 trail stewards set out on a sunny 60-degree day at Sandy Ridge Trail System to spruce up some of the winter wear and tear on the trails. The groups were divided into two offset start times to minimize extra contact with participants. Group A started at 9 am and ended at 2 pm, and Group B started at 9:30 am and ended at 2:30 pm.

While all the participants were driving in their vehicles to their work area, Sandy Ridge received a load of Gravel for the Conex Box which will be installed soon. This will allow for easier access to tools for future work parties and cuts out the step of towing a trailer with tools from Portland.

Just above the gravel drop, a group of five trail stewards started working on Little Monkey. With intentions for this trail to increase a rider’s confidence on jumps and berms, the crew cleaned up some spots that wore out from weather conditions. This included a drainage fix below a left sweeping berm and tread maintenance just above. A large stump was also removed, providing a smooth surface. The crew also fixed the take-off to a jump positioned precariously next to a tree to point the rider’s sight away from it.

The other two-thirds of the work crew were stationed at the bottom and top of Flo Motion. The intentions of the work were to make the trail flow more smoothly with several berms reworked. While a lot of work was accomplished, more will happen soon to get Sandy Ridge Prime for summer riding. The next time you’re riding Flo Motion be cautious of slight modifications.

We’re getting closer to Summer Folks! If you’re out riding at Sandy in the future, please stay tuned for closures and notices. Get excited and engaged for dig days coming up! If you are interested in getting involved, please email [email protected]

These trails are located on Bureau of Land Management property. Northwest Trail Alliance is the official stewardship partner that cares for the trails at Sandy Ridge.

To see more photos from this day, head to our photo gallery HERE