Sandy Ridge Dig Series Recap

Written by Carrie Johnston

The second installment of the Trail Sisters Dig Series was at Sandy Ridge on Saturday—and what a day! With 16 volunteers and 6 instructors, our sizable crew tackled a number of drainage and berm issues along Flow Motion. 

We met in the main parking area in the morning, chilly but comforted by fresh hot beverages, including some van-tastic pour-over coffee from NWTA’s own Sean Benesh. After introductions, a safety talk, and shuffling ourselves into 4 groups, everyone was pumped to get started and headed up to distribute tools and stage at the top and bottom of the trail. 

Volunteers in one group fixed a major drainage issue that required a few buckets of gravel and large rocks so rainwater coming from a culvert upslope would flow below the trail surface. The fix took a lot of heavy lifting and, after riding it later in the day, we didn’t even notice it was there! If you get a chance this week, go ride Flow Motion! It’s puddle-free and smooth as butter!

The day wouldn’t have been complete without our friends at Fat Tire Farm who showed up with burgers, bratwurst, drinks, raffle prizes, and shuttles! It’s a rare treat to shuttle Sandy Ridge, so a massive thanks to them for driving us up the hill for some shredding on fresh legs.