Sandy Ridge Workday Wrap-up and Recap

Written by Paul Hobson, Vice President ([email protected])

This past Saturday, Brent Sullivan led a crew of 20 NWTA volunteers to continue the rebuild of Little Monkey and clean up Lower Hide and Seek at Sandy Ridge.

Saturday also marked the inaugural work party with NWTA’s new collection of Rogue tools purchased for the Sandy Ridge system by the BLM. These tools will stay at the trails and are a huge contribution to NWTA’s stewardship of the trails.

Jason Wells from Sasquatch trails continued shaping berms and jumps on Little Monkey. While the rebuilding work is ongoing, Little Monkey is still closed. Be on the lookout for our social media and newsletters, where we’ll announce the grand re-opening.

Other volunteers cleaned up berms, braking bumps, and leaves on Lower Hide and Seek.

Our next Sandy Ridge dig day is on Sunday, November 14 from 9 AM – 2 PM. Click HERE to register.