Saturday Digs at Rocky Point get the job done

Written by Tyler B. Hogstrom

Waking up early on a weekend to the patterning of hard rain on your roof might give you the last reason you need to swear off mountain biking for one more week or put your skis in the car and head for snow.


NWTA members were out in force on the 12/7 Saturday Dig Day at the Rocky Point trail system. Despite almost constant showers, 19 volunteers spent the morning hauling gravel in buckets increasing trail sustainability for uphill travelers on Pipeline.

Heavy rain is a critical time to assess water management on trails and focus on sustainble trails. Trail crews completed the assessment of waterlogged tread and, where necessary, completed additional drainage or minor reroutes to divert water and improve drainage.

Upon recognizing the trail was initially built along a previous harvest boundary and was a low lying area, a significant reroute was flagged and established to reduce future maintenace needs and better protect the environment.

Volunteers finished out the afternoon with a hot meal on-site – dispelling a bit of the chill wet clothes instill.

Interested in joining a Weekly Saturday Dig at Rocky Point? The crew will be out every Saturday until end of March. Sign up and details can be found HERE.

*Rocky Point is property that is leased by NWTA.

In order to attend this event (or to access this land) you will need to be a NWTA member, in good standing, as well as sign the online Rocky Point waiver

More details about this property can be found HERE.