Speak Up Now About ORCMP

Portland has launched an interactive map to gather your feedback on the potential sites for off-road cycling in the city: Click on a site, understand its potential, and submit your feedback directly.

But before you go, there’s a few things you must know:

Don’t be confused by the six black location markers, they simply identify existing off-road cycling sites. Potential but inactive cycling sites, such as Riverview, are mapped in color. Find them, click, and comment.

Within Forest Park, the city has preemptively recommended that the master plan permanently exclude Wildwood, Maple, and all other Southern Unit pedestrian-only trails from cycling. Do you agree with this restriction? If not, click and comment.

And if all this is new to you, get the background here.

The decisions to be made — which will echo throughout the next decade — hinge on the weight of public opinion. Your opinion. Speak up now!