Spin Class & MTB Riding

Does spin classes help your mountain bike riding?

The answer is that spin classes are a great way to improve your fitness, which in turn helps your mtn bike riding.

If you are fit and strong you are able to endure longer when faced with real-world trail conditions.

Some of my best (and strongest) mtb seasons started with spin classes in the winter.  My fitness obtained in the spin classes paid dividends on the trail when the snow melted.  But spinning, road riding, and even gravel grinding can’t replace riding your bike on the trails.

Mountain bike riding is unique in that you are constantly being challenged to overcome inconsistent obstacles.  Most of which do not come at you in a pattern or in a rhythm.  And riding both uphill as well as downhill is physically demanding, requiring bike handling and body positioning skills.  Thus only real-world trail conditions can truly prepare you.  By riding trails you learn to overcome a wide range of trail obstacles, you develop riding skills, and increase your strength and endurance needed for this sport.

So is it worth attending spinning classes?

Yes.  It is good preparation for the mtb season ahead.