Stub News

Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected])

A big shout-out goes to all the Trail Ninjas who regularly volunteer for trail projects and special projects. Sometimes they work as a solo Ninja –or as teams of Trail Ninja. As a result of their efforts, Stub trails are in great shape. 

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Shoofly Bridge Replacement

Trail Status: Bridge is closed, but the Shoofly trail is open. Currently, the Shoofly trail is posted as an outlook and back.

Project Update: 

– The Park Rangers (OPRD) have received administrative, environmental, and funding approval for this project.

– OPRD is currently interviewing contractors to replace the rotten bridge stringer. 

– No official date for when construction will start or when it will be completed. 

– NWTA/OPRD are discussing creating a temporary by-pass route through the creek until the bridge is replaced.

– Pending approval

Williams Creek – Armoring Project

Trail Status: Williams Creek Trail is closed

Project Update: 

– The project is 80% complete.  

– We hauled eight dump truck loads of rock 1/2 mile down into Williams Creek to armor (aka harden) muddy sections of the trail. 

– We built three turnpikes and improved drainage on 1.5 miles of trail.

– Once the dirt drys some more, we will finish the remaining handwork.

– Reopening is scheduled for May 2022.

Rinse & Repeat (freeride area) 

WARNING – Watch for trail changes.

We are starting the process of adding trail features drops and tabletops jumps. The redesign of Rinse & Repeat has been an ongoing project done in multiple steps:

– Changed the direction of the trail from being a climbing trail to downhill (done)

– Redesign the switchbacks for better flow + created large berms (done)

– Hauled in boulders and materials (done)

– Build trail features (drops and tabletop jumps)

-Active project

LapQuest Returns!

LapQuest is a grassroots group ride race/non-race social event. The intent is to celebrate all the work that volunteers have accomplished. What is LapQuest? It is a ‘challenge ride’ to see how many laps riders can do in FOUR hours. Everyone starts at Buxton trailhead and everyone finishes within 4 hours. BBQ social gathering follows the ride.

Date: June 11, 2022

Pro Tip: If you are planning to camp at Stub, make your reservations now.