Stub Stewart Spring Update

Written by Ted Dodd ([email protected])


Join us on Saturday, June 11th, from 9 am – 5 pm for the long-awaited return of LapQuest at LL Stub Stewart Trail System.

LapQuest is a grassroots group ride race/non-race social event.

Come to race or just do a couple of laps at your speed. It is all the same. 

This is a fun social event to celebrate what NWTA volunteers have accomplished at LL Stub Stewart over the last two years.

Williams Creek Trail

Williams Creek Trail has officially REOPENED.​

​On May 13th​, 17 ​volunteers converged at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park to finish a 6-month trail project. The goal for this large project was to address drainage issues and make the trail rideable year-round. The challenge is that the Williams Creek area is wet, and it is a multi-user trail with bikes and horses. Solution: We hauled in 8 dump truck loads of rock and improved drainage to improve the trail’s durability.​

This latest trail project (work day) ​was a partnership between NWTA and volunteers from Huron Consulting.​ Special thanks go to Event ​L​eader​: ​Joe Rykowski and Crew Leader​: ​Milt Scholl

In celebration of the REOPENING of the Williams Creek Trail, Ranger Stephanie arrived with cupcakes and a banner celebrating the​ Oregon State Park’s 100-year centennial. It is worth noting that NWTA has maintained a strong partnership with the Rangers at Stub Stewart due to our consistent volunteer efforts. And most importantly, our commitment to completing the projects that we start. As a unified volunteer group, we have made ‘Stub‘ a great place to ride.

Note: If your company wants ​to schedule ​an​​ employee service day​ project at Stub Stewart, let me know. Ted Dodd ([email protected]).



A group of trail ninjas was hard at work. The braking bumps were fixed and a landing was repaired on Drip Torch. Thanks go to James Seymour, Edgar Aparicio, and Isaac Olds.


Trail Ninja, Jesse McElwain, was hard at work clearing a couple of trees and working on the muddy section of Rise & Shine.