Successful Trail Reroute Work Party at Stub Stewart

Last Friday, October 19th we hosted a work party for the reroute of the Williams Creek Horseshoe which has been four years in the making and was funded through grants from REI and the Washington County Visitors Association. Trail Keepers of Oregon has partnered with us on this trail, and Steve the Executive Director that led the work party is a wealth of trail building knowledge. The below trail map gives you a sense of where this trail is.

Trail map showing the new trail to the southwest and across the banks vernonia trail from the existing mountain trails

The trail has been around for years but a large portion of it was a flat, straight, and soggy logging grade that most trail users tried once and never returned to. This reroute turns it into a modern undulating multi-use trail with some nice views across Williams Creek and will be a nice option to add some mileage to your ride and skip a little bit of the Banks-Vernonia trail if you are coming from the Buxton Trailhead.

It was a wonderful day for a work party, crisp air and beautiful fall colors. We had 20 folks out focused on removing duff and roots and getting the trail hinge roughed in so that future parties will be able to focus on getting the benching dialed. We’re estimating that 3-4 more work parties will be needed this year so keep an eye out for those.

A big thanks to the folks that came out from Daimler Trucks North America(DTNA) for their hard work. And also their company for giving them the volunteer days to come help with this.  If your company offers a volunteering program and you’d like to come out and help with trail building send us an email [email protected], we’d love to help you help us!

Two volunteers showing off their hard freshly benched trail.