Survey Trail Feature Glossary

Tabletop – A jump consisting of a ramp up (takeoff), a flat middle section, and a ramp down (landing)

Double – Like a table top, but the middle section is missing creating a gap between the takeoff and landing

Step up – Is a jump where the landing is significantly above the takeoff

Wall rides – Are like a taller steeper berm and are sometimes made of wood

Green jumps – consist of rollers and  berms only

Blue jumps – tabletops , small ( 10’) doubles, step ups, wall rides.

Black jumps – all doubles larger than 10’, not exceeding 20’  hips, shark fins, step ups, wall rides 

Double black jumps – all of the above doubles get larger than 20’ gaps

Drop – A spot in the trail where the slope becomes very steep or vertical then returns to a less steep grade

Berms / Rollers – Berms are the trail slopes up on the outside of a corner to allow support for centripetal forces. Rollers are undulations in the trail that can’t necessarily get air off of. Often rollers can be pumped to gain or maintain momentum

Rocks / Roots – self explanatory

Ladder bridge / log ride / skinny – These are wooden features that offer elevated tread. Additional skill is required to navigate these features as they narrow or include undulations.