Big Gay Pride Rallycat Ride!

By Derek Kidd Every June the rainbow flags come out, and without fail, the questions of Pride’s relevance soon follows. Inevitably, we hear “Why do we still need to showcase Pride, isn’t the LGBTQ+ community well-represented enough?”, “Nobody cares if you’re gay, so just stay quiet about it.” or, my favorite, “Where’s my parade?” again … Read More

NWTA says YES! to Measure 26-203

NWTA has some exciting news to share: we have moved to formally endorse the Nature for All campaign and hit the ground running. The campaign seeks to renew our region wide Metro bond that ensures birds, fish, friends and neighbors alike have access to clean air, clean water, and beautiful parks from the Sandy River … Read More

R.McLean photo

Advocacy Alert – New MTB Trail in Tillamook State Forest

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION – Public comment needed to support the EXCALIBUR GRAVITY TRAIL in the Tillamook State Forest. Written by R. McLane from Westside Trail Federation Imagine this… A mere 35 minute drive west of Beaverton (hwy 6, just west of Brown’s camp area), starting from the top of one of the largest … Read More