Thank you to all the givers


The Northwest Trail Alliance is thankful for a dedicated community of givers. We are thankful for the valuable time and energy people give so that we can build and maintain the trails we love. We are thankful for the boots on the ground, the dirt muscle, the cat herding and organizing, and the less visible yet essential support roles – the dirt work and the DIRTY work. NWTA’s active volunteers give a lot. This is reinforced by the numbers. Every time you are out there giving back to the mountain bike community, you will encounter a rider on the trail who is moved by the fact that you are working to their benefit. By example, you help recruit more people into our community. Thank you for showing people how it’s done.

We owe a lot to the Sponsors who make our work possible. Our financial sponsors help pay for the tools, the machinery repair bills, the advertising costs, the insurance costs, the construction materials, food for the work parties, and too many other things to list. We also have sponsors in the form of time and effort, in-kind contributions of draw prizes, event hosting, and discounts for members. Our sponsors care about the work we do, and they contribute in many ways to our community. Special thanks to Cyclepath and Fat Tire Farm for generous financial support, their constant and irrepressible presence in support of our trail maintenance days, and the generous draw prizes they always seem to find for the volunteers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bob Lessard
Northwest Trail Alliance


We thank our sponsors: