Thank you to our outgoing Board members: Paul Hobson

A combined thank you, farewell and congratulations to Paul Hobson as he wraps up the end of his third, two-year term on NWTA’s board of directors. A Board member from 2017-2023, Paul has dedicated six years of his time, efforts and brain-power to help move the organization forward. 

Six years in this position presents an opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways not only to the organization, but to mountain biking in the entire region. As with many board members on a working board, Paul has worn multiple hats. He has served as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and then Treasurer again. He also serves as the NWTA liaison and Secretary on the board of the Oregon Mountain Bike Coalition (OMBC), representing mountain biking statewide. Paul has been a Trail School Instructor from nearly the inception of the Trail Sustainability Institute. He is on the local stewardship team in Cascade Locks, building the very first single track trail with mountain bike access in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area.

Being a part of a working board, more often than not, includes the less-than-sexy tasks, hard conversations and difficult decisions rather than the fun jobs, like tossing dirt or leading a ride. Paul has not shied away from embracing the challenge of the less than desirable parts of board service. Yet he still manages to get out to build and maintain trails all across the region as well as volunteering to sweep and offer support on an organized group ride.

It is all of these things and more that have made Paul an incredible asset to NWTA, we are very grateful for his service. It is important to note that this is NOT good-bye. No, No. He cannot leave us that easily. He plans to stay connected not only within his roles with OMBC, but as part of the leadership team at Cascade Locks, and of course his lifetime commitment (wink, wink) to being a Trail School Instructor. 

Paul, thank you for your commitment to trails and to this organization, we are forever grateful for everything you have done.