The Trail Ahead

  • Image courtesy Jonathan Maus/BikePortland

Almost 30 years ago, Theo Patterson spoke up to make sure mountain bikes weren’t banned from Forest Park. To help, Patterson founded Portland United Mountain Pedalers, or PUMP. In 2009, PUMP became Northwest Trail Alliance, and we turn 30 this year. With our Big Three-Oh looming, let’s glance back and gaze forward.

PUMP formed to advocate for off-road cycling in Forest Park. In 2017, almost 30 years later, NWTA’s advocacy efforts took a huge step forward, a three-fold increase in time spent (more than 2,000 hours) engaging in various political arenas. Shaping Portland’s Off-Road Cycling Master Plan remains a key focus for us, concluding in 2018 as we actively promote passage by Portland’s City Council.

So, what’s next for advocacy? Read more …