Trail building in full force when you’re not riding – The Importance of Uninterrupted Membership

Written by Bob Lessard

Reminders. You don’t like getting them. We don’t like sending them. They are for a good reason though. The work does not stop and the bills keep coming in. January is a prime example of the perfectly reasonable argument “I’m not riding my bike until spring. I’ll renew in May”. When it’s the offseason and you’re tuning your skis instead of replacing your brakes on your bike, crews are out building trails for the biking season. The more we build, the more everyone can ride! This is why support during the offseason is so important.

Gaps in membership are common, but they add up to pretty big shortfalls in budgeting. We get it. Membership reminders are just another thing flying through your Inbox (or Junked or Spammed!). Please keep an eye out for the reminders, or better still, please consider the Auto Renew option on your account at Thank you for your support.

PS: You’re going to get more reminders 🙂