Trail Flagging Produces Plan for New Trail at Growlers

Written by Jim Lemonds

Five people showed up for a unique trail flagging clinic taught by myself and Dave LeMonds at Growlers on Saturday November 30th.

This was a hands-on clinic focusing on layout of a new line nearly a mile in length that they hope to see roughed in at the next Growlers dig on January 5th. Because the trail will be built in a clearcut, those who attended had a rare chance to see where they were headed.

“I really enjoyed the clinic,” said Mary Zuvela. “I’ve done trail maintenance before but have never been part of the trail design. We learned how to mark a line that flows and avoids drainage issues within the given limitations of the landscape. We were fortunate that this trail was in the clear cut so we could see where the line will be from end to end. I am sure it’s much harder work in the forest where you have limited sight distance.”

Dave & I, are responsible for doing the layout on a large portion of the 50+ miles of trail at Growlers & we already have eyes on additional lines adjacent to the one that was flagged at the clinic. For that reason, we emphasized the need to allow plenty of room for future trail development in the area. We both believe that when you have a chance to enjoy flow, you want to make it last as long as possible. We emphasized the need to resist letting the line drift down the slope – in this case to the left. It looks good at first, but then you realize you have to get back up to your previous elevation. It kills the flow and also means more dirt work on the lower side.

An added bonus was that an additional 18 trail stewards came out to begin cutting in the line behind the flaggers.

We had to keep the flaggers moving so we wouldn’t get run over by the guys working behind us. It was a good day. We got a lot done, and everyone had fun.

If you would like to contribute to the completion of this new line that will be accessible to all levels of riders at Growlers Gulch join us at our next work party on Sunday January 5th. Details and sign ups can be found HERE.