Trail Sisters lean into Cornering Clinic

Focusing in on improving even the most basic skills, like cornering, can have a tremendous effect on your ride experience and confidence level. This proved to be true for the 14 women that showed up on Sunday January 26th for the Beginner Level Cornering Clinic. After a breakdown of 5 key points to follow, each rider had several opportunities to implement what they had learned. Receiving feedback and praise along the way, riders continued to improve with each trip through the berms.
Immediately following the clinic, riders had an opportunity to put into practice what they had just learned as they took a ride through the mossy forest that is indicative of Growlers.
Although these clinics and rides are a great place to learn new skills, it is even more so a place to connect with other riders, create friendships and to be encouraged in a positive atmosphere.
One rider shared, “I really want to get into mountain biking more, but don’t want to ride by myself. Getting to know women here is exciting and now I have made connections and have people to ride with.”
Want in on some of this goodness? Join us February 9th for our Switchback Climbing Clinic & Ride (Intermediate Level).
These rides and clinics are brought to you through a lovely collaboration between NW Trail Alliance and Proper Cycle Werks of Longview. Good things happen when we work together!