Travel Oregon Funds Dirt Lab Evolution

Northwest Trail Alliance was selected as one of seven recipients of Travel Oregon’s Forever Fund, underwriting NWTA’s evolution of the Dirt Lab at Gateway Green through 2019. The Dirt Lab’s evolution will take the cycling trails, skills area, and jump line at Gateway Green to the next level. By increasing the fun and challenge of mountain biking at Gateway Green’s Dirt Lab — while simultaneously lowering the bar for the youngest riders — we grow the destination’s attractiveness, approachability, and contribution to health and well-being.

The Dirt Lab’s evolution supports Oregon’s Outdoor Recreation Initiative. By engaging youth and young adults in a preferred outdoor activity — one which also draws parents in — we’re improving the health and well-being of our current and coming generations. The location of Gateway Green — in one of Portland’s underserved neighborhoods — adds another dimension: diversity of participants. The ongoing development of the Dirt Lab encourages organizations such as the Community Cycling Center and REI to invest in programming at the site.

Travel Oregon developed the Forever Fund as a way for the industry to be active participants in projects that restore and protect natural environments, support communities’ economic vitality and enrich their appeal as a destination, enhancing the experience for both locals and visitors. Visitors donate to Forever Fund Business Partners who then submit the donations annually to the fund administrator, The Oregon Community Foundation, a third-party 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Oregon Community Foundation distributes 100% of donations at the start of each calendar year among seven projects in each of Oregon’s tourism regions.