TSI Trail School Recap 1/10

written by Nancy Stone

Building and maintaining trails are, arguably, the backbone of our sport. Building and maintaining a membership of skilled Trail Stewards are the backbone of our organization. NWTA’s Trail Sustainability Institute (TSI) understands this and strives to provide new Trail Stewards with the knowledge, skill, and confidence to join in the ever-growing community of folks expanding access to new and existing trails. Saturday marked the first Trail School of 2021, which included a group of Trail Stewards eager to learn the fundamentals of trail maintenance, safety, and what makes a trail sustainable both to the environment and to the effort it takes to maintain it. Trail School combines “forest classroom” time with hands-on trail work, so Trail Stewards have a better understanding of the “why” and the “how” of building and maintaining trails. Look out for sign-ups for our next TSI Trail School on Feb 7th by checking our event page when registration opens.

Trail School Instructors: Nancy Stone, Andy Jansky, Paul Hobson & Bob Carey