TSI’s Trail School at Klootchy Creek Trails

Holding a Trail School in January on the coast can be a chancy roll of the weather dice. Apparently the sun gods favor the bold- 7 trail stewards were welcomed with sunshine and a rare, dry day.
Our focus was on the brand new machine-built Upper Chris Cross trail. Due to the generous rainfall on the coast, we were gifted with plenty of opportunities to learn about water mitigation and drainage work. Using our “trail eyes”, we paid attention to how we can ensure water is shed as naturally as possible across the trail without pooling.
Other focuses of the day centered around safety, tool identification/uses, corridor clearing and stopping the spread of invasive plants. Another intentional focus was on having FUN. Trail work should be a good time, in turn encouraging people to come back for more!
Participant Jill Quakenbush shared, “I really appreciate that I now have a better understanding of trail work. I feel like I am far more confident in what I am doing.”
The Trail Sustainability Institute will be returning to Klootchy Creek on February 22nd for Crew Leader Training. Registration will be open soon.
Interested in attending Trail School? TSI’s next Trail School will be at Trail Mix at Tillamook State Forest March 28th. Register¬†here.