Upcoming Rocky Point Dig Day (4/2) and Past Recaps

Join us this Saturday. We’ll be doing finish work on the new black trail in the clearcut. We’ll be carpooling into the worksite, and we need to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum. If you want to ride in after everyone meets up in the parking lot, that is great too!

Please make sure that your NWTA Membership is current before you sign up. Part of our lease agreement stipulates anyone on the property needs to be a current NWTA member with a signed waiver.

Sellwood Cycle Repair and Friends Special Build Session

At the NWTA, we love it when our local bike shops support us. So when Sellwood Cycle Repair said put us to work, we got on it. It was a rainy day, but I did not hear any complaining. It was just lots of dirt and rocks moving. Everyone was just happy to be outside, learning new skills and creating new trails. The crew of seven and trail steward Scooter made great strides in getting an extension of Ill-Tempered Gnome completed. This trail will be a crucial link to maintain access as the trail system evolves and grows.

Metropolis / Breadwinner Dig Day Recap

Words by Geoff Sosebee and photos by Ali Evershed, Rocky Point Crew Leaders

Metropolis and Breadwinner brought together 30 volunteers on Sunday (3/20) to help refine a new trail. We polished and buffed about 1/2 mile of a blue flow trail after it had been roughed in by a crew earlier this year. We compacted the tread, refined bench work, and added a new entrance. The weather was in our favor, with temperatures in the 50s and no rain.