Wilson River Trail Fall Clean Up #2 Recap

Written by Tim Matthews

email: [email protected]

What started as a foggy Saturday mid November morning quickly turned into a beautiful day with sun beaming through the trees as seven awesome volunteers began a fun day of brushing along the beautiful Wilson River Trail. After hiking a little over two miles to get out to the job site, volunteers quickly got to work. First by removing ferns and sala from the sides of the trail, improving sight lines and any feeling of encroachment, then by raking and cleaning that material and leaves from the trail. Effectively creating a working moving train of trail cleaning awesomeness, leaving behind a beautifully groomed trail just waiting for fresh tread. It was an awesome day that was made even brighter when one volunteer broke out a container of homemade cookies to share, after working for a few solid hours when it was time to head back. Afterwards we all shared a beer and talked of trails near and far, all in all a great day of work out in the woods with great people, what else could one ask for.

Join us at one of next our clean ups in the Tillamook State Forest. Check the NWTA Events calendar HERE.