Local Stewardship Teams

Local Stewardship Teams (LSTs) form the backbone of Northwest Trail Alliance. These trail work teams — each with a well-defined region and clear, yet evolving, goals — lead our on-trail progress.

In 2019, our LSTs & their volunteer crews invested more than 18,000 hours into 190-plus NWTA-maintained trails — more than 175 rideable miles — across Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

To offer assistance, simply email the team lead using their address below:


Cascade Locks – Matt Novak, CascadeLocks@nw-trail.org

Eichler Bike Park – Brian Shelton, EichlerPark@nw-trail.org

Forest ParkForestPark@nw-trail.org

Gateway Green – Tom Archer, GatewayGreen@nw-trail.org

Growlers Gulch – Jim LeMonds, Growlers@nw-trail.org

Mount Hood (West) – Joel Armstrong, MtHood@nw-trail.org

North Coast Trail Alliancehttp://www.nctrailalliance.com/ The North Coast Trail Alliance is a sub-chapter of the Northwest Trail Alliance focused on the North Coast of Oregon

Rocky Point – Scooter Sutterer, rockypoint@nw-trail.org

Sandy Ridge – Brent Sullivan, SandyRidge@nw-trail.org

Stub Stewart State Park – David Rogers, Chris Rich, StubStewart@nw-trail.org

Tillamook State Forest – Tim Matthews, TillamookSF@nw-trail.org

Ventura Park Pump Track – Sarah Olsen, VenturaPark@nw-trail.org