Mount St Helens

Women's Full Moon Ride at Ape Canyon


Where:  Ape Canyon, Mt St Helen's

When:  Saturday, August 13

Time:  Ride begins at 7pm

Skill level:  Intermediate

Pace:  Scenery ride (on the way up at least)

Distance:  14-16 miles out and back

Duration:  ~ 4 hours



Helens Fest II

Helens Fest II, 8-9 July 2011.

We will be posting updates here and on facebook at:

We are in the process of planning some great rides for Friday and Sunday and some great trail work parties for Saturday. 

We will be at the Marble Mountain Snow Park again this year and attendance will be limited, so sign up on NWTA or Evergreen websites.  We will monitor sign ups on facebook as well.

Plains of Abraham - When to Visit

Am an avid MTB'er and fellow IMBA'er from MN and am looking to plan a trip to see a friend in Portland this coming year.  In my own selfishness, I'm also looking to align that visit with a ride on the Plains of Abraham.  Wondering if the group wouldn't mind sharing some wisdom on the best time to plan a trip in hopes that weather won't spoil our ride (hoping to get out there as early next year as possible, April/May if it works).

Also, any recommendations on local (Portland or by the trailhead) shops to rent a few bikes from.  Would love to use this as an excuse to try out a Stumpy FSR.  Any recommendations are welcome.


Smith Creek trailwork party

Clear Scotch broom on the Smith Creek Trail. Bring bike, water, lunch and gloves. Meet at Gateway Transit Center at 9 a.m. RSVP if you are coming by signing up on the website or email Thanks!


Smith Creek Culvert unplugged!

The Smith Creek trail provides an important link to the IMBA epic Ape Canyon and Smith Creek Loop Trail.  For those doing the whole loop it is a 25 mile ride of scenery unlike any that can be experience anywhere else.  Short portions of the lower Smith Creek travel on what used to be Road 92.  Riding on some of those sections of doubletrack is much like riding through the hallway leading to the audience room in the Wizard of Oz.  The impact of the 1980 eruption can still be noted on virtually all sections of the loop trail.  Ash and pumice blanketed the slopes throughout the area and in subsequent winters all that material got washed down the slopes, with some of it blocking culverts along the old Road 92.  One such blockage created a pond that was about six feet deep, the overflows from which severely eroded what used to be a wide logging road down to a narrow ledge that's less than 3 feet wide.  Any further erosion of the ledge in that section of trail is on would virtually close the entire Smith Creek trail down to all use depriving mountain bikers one of the premier trails in the Pacific Northwest. 

National Public Lands Day - September 25th, 2010

The National Public Lands Day event is coming up quickly! This year we have several projects for which we will be working on - including uncovering a buried culvert at Two Hose Crossing. Those of you who have ridden Smith Creek in the last month or two will know exactly where that is! This culvert has been buried for 30 years and has caused overflows that have seriously eroded the old Forest Service road bed at this point. We will be hauling a pump to the work site and cleaning the site out to uncover the culvert so the water will no longer be a serious issue at this point. There are also going to be several other projects we will work on down in Smith Creek. Please let me know if you plan on attending by sending me an e-mail: ujelang at gmail dot com. Also, please register on the Mount St Helens Institute's website. There will be a bbq dinner after work. It is always a good thing to have a good turnout by mountain bikers!

New Belgium hits the trails!

Recently, I had the honor and pleasure to spending some time with David Anderson and Amy Singmaster on the Smith Creek Trail near Mount Saint Helens.  Brian Bogan and I traveled out from Fort Collins CO early for our Portland Tour de Fat (this Saturday, August 14, in Waterfront Park) to soak up the scenery and enjoy the company of our friends from the Northwest Trail Alliance.  The NWTA will be benefiting from the Parade and will be benefiting from the Merchandise and Do-It-Yourself Booths.
I had been tentative to commit to such an adventure.  I am much more of a utilitarian bicyclist, I commute almost daily and on the other days I walk.  But getting on a mountain bike and riding singletrack with locals is a little daunting when you are not much of a mountain bike rider.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to ride-but I have been working for a brewery for over 8 years, let’s just say I’m really good at 12oz curls.  Bogan, on the other hand, can shred with the best of them-so he was psyched.

Smith Creek Ride/Brushwork

On Saturday, August 14th, if you are not volunteering at the Tour de Fat, I will be leading a commando-style work party on the Smith Creek loop.  We will ride from the Ape Canyon Trailhead for the traditional loop, but on the way down the pumice slope into Smith Creek we will stop to trim the overgrown brush.  Further down in the canyon there is some much needed benching treadwork and I hope to access some previously stashed tools and get after it.  

 This will be a HUGE day.  The Smith Creek loop is an advanced ride in of itself.  Spending more time doing trailwork will demand a hearty toll of water, food, energy and effort.  We will be packing small hand tools to tackle the brush on the upper sections, bring your big pack.  And maybe a water filter.

Smith Creek trail ride and work party, Mount St Helens

What better way to celebrate Labor Day weekend than volunteering some time to do some needed trail work?  The Forest Service would like us to concentrate our work efforts on the Smith Creek Trail, Mount St Helens.  This work party is being spearheaded by Bike Gallery employees, James Ceccorulli and David Anderson. 

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