Mount St Helens

Sunrise on St Helens

What a great experience! I strongly recommend experiencing a sunrise somewhere high on a mountain at some point in your life.

Wright Meadow and Craggy Peak Trails exploration

Join Aaron and David as we explore Wright Meadow, Nr 80,  and Craggy Peak, Nr 3,  Trails.  We don't really know what to expect, so that's why we're calling it an exploration!  There'll be lot's of climbing - at least 3900 feet worth over 14 miles of trail.  But what we gain, we'll also lose on the way back down!  It should be sweet!

It may be Friday, but it's a day to get out and explore!


Helens Fest 2010, Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument

 Thanks to all who have signed up for the event!  

Mount St Helens Advisory Committee and Lawmakers meeting cancelled

From the Columbian newspaper.  Scroll down to read about how partisan politics and the current screaming sessions on health care unfortunately derailed a meeting about the future status of Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument. 

Mt. St. Helens - Ape/Plains of Abe

Hey everyone, I have yet to ride the Ape Canyon - Plains of Abe trail at St. Helens.  My schedule never seems to mesh with Dave Anderson's.  Anyone who wants to join me are more than welcome.

I have posted this as an intermediate level ride, well that's what I consider myself, because the length of the ride won't suit a beginner. And I also hear there is a great climb at the beginning, wahoo!

Let's meet at the south Gateway (south) Transit parking area at 8am to carpool.


Aaron's Dream

Aaron has a dream, and it's a mighty challenging one.  He dreams of riding his mountain bike from the Ape Canyon Trail up to Windy Ridge, connect with the Boundary Trail head east and then ride down the Quartz Creek Trail and then finally connecting to the Lewis River Trail to finally arrive at the Lewis River campground, a soft air mattress and a much awaited beer.  That is a very big challenge, which definitely has some potential to it!  Who knows, maybe it could become an official ride called the Aaron's Challenge!

Mount St Helens NVM National Public Lands Day event

The staff at the Mount St Helens NVM, and the Mount St Helens Institute are looking for a few mountain bike riders to ride the ski trails on the south side of Mount St Helens.  We will be looking at the various ski trails in light of what maintenance is required.  Why ski trails you ask?  What does that have to do with mountain biking?  Well, a lot actually!


Camp Sites with Ape Canyon Trail access?

Does anybody know of any good campsites with easy access to Ape Canyon trail?  Also, any advise as to whether or not this trail is best done as an out and back or as a loop with Smith Creek?

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