Trail Sustainability Institute

The Northwest Trail Alliance launched a new trail stewardship education program in 2019. The Trail Sustainability Institute (TSI) focuses education around building and maintaining our trails using sustainable methods that respect the environment while providing access to outdoor recreation. Our developing curriculum takes a close look at the forest as well as the topography of the land to ensure that our trails can co-exist sustainably within their environment. Proper trail planning can prevent erosion into neighboring tributaries, protecting salmon and their spawning grounds as well as the overall health of the waterway.

Our goal is to foster a culture of land stewardship within the mountain bike community. By training people to build sustainable trails, and by training people to lead crews of trail builders, we are raising the level of our own stewardship, and increasing our capacity to build and maintain quality trails.

Interested in participating in the Trail Sustainability Institute? Classes will be forming at a trail near you. Check NWTA’s events page  & follow on our Facebook (@nwtrail) & Instagram (@nwtrailalliance) pages for your next opportunity to join.