Gateway Green’s Next Phase

Phase II of Gateway Green — bringing the park to fully-built status — has reached the draft plan milestone. Phase II focuses on:

• Natural area restoration,
• Water, power, and sewer services,
• Additional recreation activities for all ages and abilities, and
• Improved pedestrian and bicycle access to and within the site.

We’re very excited about this next phase of development at Gateway Green. In perhaps a year, the city will have created a showcase natural habitat completely intertwined with progressive recreation.

In parallel, the park’s existing set of cycling features — the Dirt Lab — are being enhanced, including:

• Creation of primary and alternate downhill lines, suiting more advanced riders, at the south end of the park. This project, led by Friends of Gateway Green, is funded through a Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant.

• Re-featuring the current downhill line in the above area to serve as an uphill climbing trail, improving the ability to lap the park.

• Evolving the singletrack, skills area, and jump line, increasing the level of fun and challenge while simultaneously making sections more approachable for younger riders. These latter two projects, led by NWTA, are funded through Travel Oregon’s Forever Fund, and have already begun. Jump in on the next work party, April 7th.

• Addressing the water pooling around the skills area and jump line. This is a cooperative effort between Portland Parks and NWTA.

Come review plans and provide input Saturday, February 24th, at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), 10301 NE Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon 97220. Presentations will take place at 10:30am and noon. Children’s activities and food will be provided.

An overview and Phase II draft site plan (downloadable PDF) can be found at