New Electronic Membership System at Rocky Point

NWTA members are familiar with the annual “tradition” of collecting your bike bands and parking passes for Rocky Point access. For NWTA, using the bike bands and parking tags has been expensive and required a lot of time to manage. On the member side, we know that this requirement came with carving out the time to head out and pickup new bands and passes.

SO, we’re moving to a new system that is easier for all! Effective immediately, we’ve adopted an electronic system that provides NWTA and the landowner with the most current membership and waiver status – without the hassle of picking up a band. The electronic system allows for immediate lookup by Weyerhaeuser or NWTA staff on site to determine if membership and waivers are current.

No new action needs to be taken by members who are current with a signed waiver; further, there is no need to carry anything with you for proof of membership. Any staff on site would ask for your name to lookup.

As always, anyone on site without current waivers on file is trespassing. Please adhere to current waiver requirements as a member of NWTA, and remember to follow all posted signage and respect adjacent private property. Thank you for all of your support!

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].