Daniel Stuart

Vote at 10/24 meeting to improve NWTA elections process

The NWTA has grown tremendously in the past few years, and that has highlighted some challenges with the way we elect our board members. We are proposing changes to our board election process in order to create a more open equitable system, and bring more members into the elections process by increasing access and convenience. … Read More

WE want to hear from you!

NWTA community members have let us know that they value the opportunity to give feedback to the organization. So to expand feedback opportunities, we made a survey! We want to hear from everyone, members and non-members. Interested in changes? We want to hear where we could improve. Like what we’re already doing? Let us know. … Read More

New Electronic Membership System at Rocky Point

NWTA members are familiar with the annual “tradition” of collecting your bike bands and parking passes for Rocky Point access. For NWTA, using the bike bands and parking tags has been expensive and required a lot of time to manage. On the member side, we know that this requirement came with carving out the time … Read More

The Everblades is now open! (mostly)

After an endlessly wet spring, the new Everblades area is ready to open most of the trails. On June 8th, we will be opening the 1.2 mile blue flow/jump trail (Machete), and the 1.2 mile green climb to return (Butter knife). Machete is a flow/jump line with small to medium sized features designed to help riders … Read More

Expansion Plans for Rocky Point

Written by Daniel Stuart With much buzz around Rocky Point, plans start to form for the transformation of forest to trails. Below is an outline of this year’s plan written with a map showing the general flow and size compared to existing trails and the lease boundary. Please be courteous and stay off the trails … Read More

Rocky Point is back open!

Written by Daniel Stuart It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally gotten the clearance from the landowner that logging is complete and we are allowed to ride everywhere on the south side again! The logging operations were supposed to be completed in September, but for a number of reasons were delayed until … Read More

What to know about the new Trailforks Pro

As you may have already heard, our favorite mountain bike map service is partially transitioning to a paid service. While everyone loves free stuff on the internet, a service with a team of paid staff, a lot of cloud server fees, and no ads cannot remain free forever. Here is what you should know, and … Read More

We have a new Website!

Over the past year NWTA has gone through a huge effort to develop a new website. We set out to build something that would do a better job providing the information our members need (upcoming events, news, how to get involved), offer information to folks unfamiliar with the area about the trail regions we manage, … Read More

#NWTAridesfromhome Instagram Contest

SHOW US YOUR RIDE FROM HOME URBAN ADVENTURES & WIN HOPWORKS URBAN BREWERY BEER We’re all limiting how far we travel and complying as best we can with the “Stay Home, Save Lives”* order, but that doesn’t have to mean zero biking adventures – after all we can still get out for some safe and … Read More