Rocky Point is back open!

Written by Daniel Stuart

It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally gotten the clearance from the landowner that logging is complete and we are allowed to ride everywhere on the south side again! The logging operations were supposed to be completed in September, but for a number of reasons were delayed until now.

Switchblade wasn’t logged

First piece of good news is that they didn’t log as far as they had planned, meaning that we still have Switchblade for another year! We expect to lose that next year, so get in and enjoy it while you can! Unfortunately we did lose the bottom section of Buckknife and Butterknife.

New trails!

The second exciting piece of news is that we are officially opening two brand new trails in the center of the property. Construction on these trails finished earlier in the year right when logging shut that portion of the forest down. “So Much Air” is a blue descent with natural flow and optional medium sized jumps. “Take Me Up” is a natural winding climb trail which parallels SMA from the bottom back up to the top. Together these trails add a little over a mile of trail and are the first trails that connect to the new central hub which will start to grow this build season. Log into Trailforks to see the location of these new trails.

How do I see the new trails on Trailforks?

Althought you can see the changes right away on a web browser, you will probably need to reload the Oregon region before it will show up in the app.

  1. Navigate to Settings then Downloaded Regions
  2. Swipe left on Oregon and select “Remove”
  3. Select the plus button and re-add Oregon

If you’re still having trouble, check out our trailforks FAQ page. If you have a free account, your home region may still need to be set.

The NWTA Rocky Point Recreation Area is a leased property. NWTA members in good standing, have signed the online Rocky Point Waiver, have access to the area. To Become an NWTA member, head here: JOIN US!