What to know about the new Trailforks Pro

As you may have already heard, our favorite mountain bike map service is partially transitioning to a paid service. While everyone loves free stuff on the internet, a service with a team of paid staff, a lot of cloud server fees, and no ads cannot remain free forever. Here is what you should know, and how it specifically relates to access to maps at Rocky Point

  • Website Remains Free – Map access on the Trailforks website will remain free.
  • App Free Features – The app (without a Pro membership) will allow visibility of your local region for free, and be greyed out for other regions. You will still be able to see some of the linework, but not be able to see any trail details.
    • The app will try to automatically set your home region. This is a 38 mile by 38 mile square. You have the opportunity to move the box once if the initial placement wasn’t ideal. At NWTA, we recommend ensuring that box includes Rocky Point because the system is actively expanding, and it will help one keep track of the new trails. Three good options for boxes include:
      • Rocky Point, LL Stub Stewart, Tillamook, Forest Park, Henry Hagg Lake
      • Rocky Point, Forest Park, Gateway Green, Powell Butte, Cold Creek, Siouxon
      • Rocky Point, Cold Creek, Siouxon, the south part of Mt. St. Helens
  • 50% Off Discount for Early Adopters. If you think you’ll end up signing up for Trailforks Pro, definitely take advantage of the early adopter deal by signing up before the end of September. Pricing is a very reasonable $1.50/month and the discount is locked in and lasts forever. Those that sign up after September will have to pay $3.00/month.

For other questions, please reference the FAQ on Trailforks Pro at their website.