NWTA Instructor Interview – Nell Stamper

Name: Nell Stamper
Preferred Pronouns: She/her/hers

How long have you been a part of NWTA?

I have been volunteering with NWTA since 2017, doing trail work and helping at events. I joined the NWTA Board of Directors in 2020, as a liaison with the North Coast chapter.

What made you interested in becoming an instructor?

I had a fantastic experience with a beginner’s clinic when I first started riding. It was so helpful, and I recommend it to everybody. Getting certified means that I can make that opportunity available for more people.

What do you think is good about the sport of mountain biking?

It is a lifetime sport that can be modified in all sorts of ways for everyone to enjoy. From huge fast downhill jumps to gentle lakeside trails, it’s all mountain biking and it’s all fun outside time!

Where do you think it can improve?

I hope that we can make it a lot easier to participate. Premium mountain bikes have gotten so expensive, and many trails require a vehicle/rack and lots of travel time to get to – that automatically excludes many people. NWTA has some great ideas about more accessible trails, equipment pools, and other ways to get people on bikes.

Where do you think you could make the biggest impact?

There are more women and girls riding mountain bikes than ever, and I really enjoy helping them figure out how to ride safely and smoothly so that they can enjoy the social aspect of riding and not be fearful. I think that makes a huge difference because it turns mountain biking into a more accessible family-friendly activity. I am always amazed at the adrenaline-filled big air jumps and fast racers, but that’s not what I do, and it’s important for people to know that there’s more to mountain biking than that. Everybody starts as a beginner, and I want to help riders feel comfortable right away in our community!

What do you hope to do now that you are Level 1 certified?

I want to host workshops and clinics out on the north Oregon coast so that local riders can participate without going all the way to Portland. I also look forward to supporting NWTA events and working with other instructors – especially the people who are good at teaching maintenance and repairs. There’s always more to learn.

Share something about yourself that isn’t about bikes. (Passion, side gig, hobby, ??)

I love to work in my garden. It’s an ongoing negotiation with the deer, the weather, and the calendar that teaches me patience and compromise!