BICP Fundamental Skills Instructor Certification – Event Recap

Written by Allie Hurtgen Just in time for riding season, NWTA now has three new BICP Certified Fundamental Skills Instructors! The three-day course took place on March 25 – 27 at Gateway Green and was led by coach and instructor, Elaine Bothe. We were joined by an instructor in training, Molly with the Cycle Effect … Read More

NWTA Instructor Interview – Nell Stamper

Name: Nell StamperPreferred Pronouns: She/her/hers How long have you been a part of NWTA? I have been volunteering with NWTA since 2017, doing trail work and helping at events. I joined the NWTA Board of Directors in 2020, as a liaison with the North Coast chapter. What made you interested in becoming an instructor? I … Read More

NWTA instructor Interview – Ruandy Albisurez

Name: Ruandy Albisurez Preferred Pronouns: Roo How long have you been a part of NWTA? I am new to NWTA. I knew it was present when I first moved to the Portland area about 10-12 years ago, but I thought for some reason that it wasn’t an organization anymore for a long time. Now that … Read More