NWTA makes a donation to Scappoose Fire District

Written by Scooter Sutterer, Director of Rocky Point Trails ([email protected])

Since the NWTA signed a lease at Rocky Point Trails, we have been working closely with the Scappoose Fire District (SFD). Mountain biking injuries do happen. When they do, we want to make sure that rescue teams have the proper access, equipment, and understanding of the property to efficiently perform evacuations. 

First up, the NWTA wanted to make sure the Scappoose Fire District had the proper keys and instructions to enter Rocky Point Trails. With that accomplished, SFD has been able to use their Rapid Extrication Module (pictured above) to get to hard-to-reach areas of Rocky Point Trails — areas that would be hard or impossible to get to in an ambulance. We wanted to help SFD with these challenging rescues, so the NWTA donated a Terra Tamer Litter Wheel. This is a large wheel that’s attached under a stretcher — right in the middle. It helps the extradition team more easily move and maneuver the stretcher through rough terrain.  

Scappoose Fire District Fire Marshall Jeff Prichersays, “We appreciate the public-private partnership with Northwest Trail Alliance in meeting your emergency response needs.” 

The Scappoose Fire District and the NWTA are continuing to work together on an emergency drop point system. The team plans to place locator signs throughout major intersections of Rocky Point. This will allow bikers to better communicate with 911 services to let them know where to direct emergency response units.

We’d like to thank everyone at the SFD for the time they’ve invested with us to make sure rescues run as smoothly as possible at Rocky Point.