Northwest Trail Alliance relies on countless volunteers to move the dirt and get your tires moving.  Our all-volunteer Board of Directors each wear many hats, but all share a central passion and drive for providing the absolute best mountain biking experiences in the region.

Feel free to reach out if you have a question and give them a wave out on the trail!

Board of Directors directors@nw-trail.org
President Bob Lessard – bobl@nw-trail.org president@nw-trail.org
Vice President Juntu Oberg – juntu@nw-trail.org vp@nw-trail.org
Treasurer Owen Rodabaugh – owenr@nw-trail.org treasurer@nw-trail.org
Secretary Paul Hobson – paulh@nw-trail.org secretary@nw-trail.org
Board Members
Jered Bogli – jered@nw-trail.org
Colin Marthaller – colinm@nw-trail.org
Nancy Stone – nancys@nw-trail.org
Daniel Stuart – daniel@nw-trail.org
Scooter Sutterer – scooter@nw-trail.org
: :  Committee Directors   : :
Membership Bob Lessard membership@nw-trail.org
Communications communications@nw-trail.org
Advocacy Andy Jansky – andyj@nw-trail.org advocacy@nw-trail.org
Volunteering Juntu Oberg volunteer@nw-trail.org
Sponsorship Owen Rodabaugh sponsorship@nw-trail.org
Community rides Nancy Stone nancys@nw-trail.org
Education and Sustainability Nancy Stone nancys@nw-trail.org
Newsletter Brad Peterson – bradp@nw-trail.org news@nw-trail.org
Stewardship Colin Marthaller colinm@nw-trail.org