Trail stewardship and advocacy from the slopes of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams to the rugged coastline of the Pacific takes many bodies and many brains.  Northwest Trail Alliance relies on countless volunteers to move the dirt and get your tires moving.  Our all-volunteer Board of Directors each wear many hats, but all share a central passion and drive for providing the absolute best mountain biking experiences in the region.

Feel free to reach out if you have a question and give them a wave out on the trail!

Board of Directors directors@nw-trail.org
President Bob Lessard – bobl@nw-trail.org president@nw-trail.org
Vice President Juntu Oberg – juntu@nw-trail.org vp@nw-trail.org
Treasurer Paul Hobson – paulh@nw-trail.org treasurer@nw-trail.org
Secretary Owen Rodabaugh – owenr@nw-trail.org secretary@nw-trail.org
Board Members
Erin Chipps – erinc@nw-trail.org
Jocelyn Gaudi – jocelyng@nw-trail.org
Nancy Stone – nancys@nw-trail.org
Lori Sills – loris@nw-trail.org
: :  Committee Directors   : :
Membership Lori Sills
Communications  Erin Chipps communications@nw-trail.org
Advocacy  Andy Jansky – andyj@nw-trail.org advocacy@nw-trail.org
Volunteering  Juntu Oberg volunteer@nw-trail.org
Sponsorship  Juntu Oberg sponsorship@nw-trail.org
Community rides  Lori Sills membership@nw-trail.org
Education and Sustainability Nancy Stone nancys@nw-trail.org
Newsletter Erin Chipps news@nw-trail.org
Stewardship  Owen Rodabaugh owenr@nw-trail.org