Tillamook State Forest’s Public Comment Opportunity – BROWN’S CAMP LOOP and GALES CREEK TRAIL

Information from Oregon.gov

There are two planned timber sales that would/will heavily impact the trails negatively on the Gales Creek and Browns Camp loop network. Due by June 21st.

Affected areas:

  • Round Bell timber sale: This sale basically clearcuts nearly a mile of the best single track on all of Gales Creek Trail, on the descent north of Bell Camp trailhead down to Reehers Camp. Extensive trail damage and closure would be anticipated, not to mention the removal of the prime forest setting and high-quality structure of the trail.
  • Unparalleled timber sale: This sale would use Gravelle Brothers Trail as the timber sale boundary, continuing the extensive clearcutting from 2016 that destroyed the intact, mature forest setting along the trail. This would also involve extensive trail closure and damage, and negatively impact the structure and character of the trail. 

Information below from Oregon.gov

Public comment opportunity

Starting Friday, May 7 through Monday, June 21, Oregonians can weigh in on draft Annual Operations Plans (AOPs) for state forests in the Astoria, Forest Grove, Klamath-Lake, Tillamook, West Oregon, and Western Lane Districts, which includes the Tillamook, Clatsop, Sun Pass, and Gilchrist state forests. These layout on-the-ground activities expected to take place in the coming fiscal year. State forests by law must provide economic, environmental, and social benefits to Oregonians. Learn more under Annual Operations Plans below.


ODF manages approximately 745,000 acres of forestlands across Oregon. These state forestlands are actively managed under forest management plans to provide economic, environmental, and social benefits to Oregonians. Timber sales on these forests produce jobs and revenue that fund counties, local districts, and schools throughout the state. These forests also offer recreation and educational opportunities and provide essential wildlife habitat and clean water.

ODF is currently developing a Habitat Conservation Plan and companion Forest Management Plan for about 640,000 acres of ODF-managed forests west of the Cascades. Visit those pages to learn more about these processes and how you can stay informed and involved.

Map of lands managed by the State Forests Division.