Congratulations to Our Very Own Tim Copeman!

Congratulations to our very own Tim Copeman for being recognized by The Portland Parks Foundation as a 2022 U.S. Bank Parks Champion

Tim is one of the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA) trail Stewards in Gateway Green. Tim’s support of the park in trail maintenance tasks keeps the park inviting and safe for the riders. Tim brought in a crew to help make the Gateway Green jump line safer and accessible to a wider variety of bike types and skill levels.”

“I knew very early on during the development of GG that Tim and his son were going to be ‘best customers’.  I got to know Tim through the frequent opportunistic Q and A sessions we had on site.  Tim is incredibly curious about the park, the recreation industry, while also having an innate understanding of what the place could mean to the neighbors and community.  That last part was what a novel place like GG needs for long term success. Incredibly grateful that Tim and NWTA found each other; GG and Portland benefit from both.” says PP&R Capital Expansion Program Manager Ross Swanson.

As part of the Local Stewardship Team at Gateway Green, Tim is responsible for the skills area & dirt jump area. A few months ago, he proposed a project to revamp the dirt jump lines at the park. Using general funds from membership revenue and sponsor donations, NWTA hired contractor Sasquatch Trails in partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation to use our mini excavator to make quick work of moving dirt. 

From there, Tim led a team of passionate volunteers & who created a proper double black line to support the wooden ramp takeoffs. They also added a blue progressive dirt jump line to help riders work on their skills. Many thanks to all who came out and supported this project. We are happy to say that the line is now officially open. Please make sure to look before you leap and to make sure to ride within your limits.

Thank you Tim and congratulations!